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Ultimate Commercial Pilot Simulator Experience, County Clare

  • This fantastic experience offers any aviation enthusiast the ultimate flight
  • Take the controls of a Boeing 737NG for a flight between any two cities in the world
  • Experience the automation that makes modern air travel so comfortable and efficient
  • Take the controls and get hands-on with the worlds best selling jetliner

Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of getting behind the controls of a modern jet aircraft and conducting a commercial flight through the skies over Ireland, The UK or Europe? This is an amazing opportunity to fly a Boeing 737 in a top of the range aircraft simulator normally only available for professional pilot training. This simulator is built from a decommissioned Boeing 737 and includes a full glass cockpit, autopilot, real-world controls and real flight noises.

After a comprehensive briefing you’ll be taken on board where you will take the controls of the aircraft. With friendly hands-on guidance from an experienced pilot who will sit alongside you, practise being behind the controls of a Boeing 737-800NG and familiarise yourself with the flying controls including controlling altitude, direction and throttle.

At 2-hours in the simulator this is the longest duration available. During the experience you will experience what it’s like to fly a commercial jetliner. Experience the full start to finish including pushback from gate, start, taxi, take off, cruise, decent and landing. Where your flight itinerary allows, you can also practice landings into some of the world’s most taxing and visually exciting airports. This really is the ultimate experience for all aviation fans!

The feeling of being in a real aircraft is unnervingly realistic with a panoramic high definition virtual world and state of the art graphic reproduction. All in expect to be in this fantastic aviation environment for almost 3 hours!

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Useful Information
  • Available at 1 location:

    Shannon, Co Clare

  • Participants:

    This voucher entitles one person to the experience

  • Experience Duration:

    Allow 3 hours for the full experience

  • Weather:

    Indoor experience

  • Restrictions:

    No restrictions

  • Spectators:

    This experience is not suitable for spectators

  • Validity:

    This voucher is valid for one year from the date of purchase

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